All our Rosettes are custom made by hand with high quality Satin ribbons in your choice of ribbon colours. We do have a colour chart available  and will match your colours  to the best of our ability, if you provide us with a sample of your colours. We carry 1000’s of meters of stock. Take note that sometimes ribbon colours may differ from batch to batch. Unfortunately this is beyond our control but we will try to work around that as best we can. 
Novelty/Fancy/Metallic/Lace/Lurex and Organza ribbons are added the designer ranges to add a more luxurious look We pride ourselves on the fact that we never copy rosettes from one order to the next. each order will be totally unique even if the same design & colours is chosen! Rosettes can be embellished with Rhinestones etc. at extra cost to add that extra special touch (Standard range excluded). You can personalize your rosette with various tail, center and printing options available—something for everyone!! Safety pins/Bridle clips are added to all rosettes at the back at no extra cost. Please make sure to notify us which you prefer. 

You are welcome to contact us with any Special requests/orders, we are always willing to create something to suit your specific needs!

All our centers are 50 mm in diameter. Larger centers can be created on request.  Centers can be a full colour printed disk with your logo or a foil transferred disk (much the same as foil stamp but this process does not carry the cost of manufacturing of a foil stamp). This method have been tested by us over the last couple of years and it will work with most single colour logo’s. Foil transferred center will be done on a colour matched board. A white board will be used if no colour matched board is available. Full colour printed center will be printed on a white background.  Printing of the center disc are included in the rosette price.  
If you want a foiled center please supply us with a good quality copy of your artwork/logo in black (mono colour) in jpg, png or pdf format. Remember that your design must fit into a circle. Artwork to be supplied print ready, otherwise a design fee of R100 will be added. You can also choose a Ribbon pom-pom center or a Ribbon rose center (Standard range excluded). 
Although we rarely do  hot foil discs these days, Center blocks (for the hot foil stamped disk) can be manufactured at extra cost and will be kept with us for your future orders, but remain the property of the club/company. Cost per request. If you do have a block already made, you are welcome to transfer it to us.

Foil Transfer  available in a variety of colours: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Copper, Bronze, Green, Blue, Turquoise, Red, Purple and Pink. 

Center Options:

Printing on Tails:
Rosette price includes  printing on 1 tail—width as per Price list - in  a variety of  Foil (Metallic) and Standard colours. Our printing is normally the size of 1/2 to 3/4 the length of the tail and as wide as the ribbon will allow. Middle tails for larger rosettes, or those with the tails added at the back board will be a 5.0cm wide ribbon.

Heat transfer printing colours available: Metallic(Foil)  silver &  gold, Black, White, Matt Silver, Matt Gold, Blue, Lime Green, Green, Pink, Teal, Orange, Red, Purple, Lilac (Coloured Heat transfer prints best on white or light coloured ribbons.) 

 Metallic gold, Metallic silver, All colours Vinyl printing, Matt gold and Matt silver prints best on most colours. Sublimation printing (for full colour printed tails) can only be done on white high density ribbons. 

Personalized Tails:
We can also add a full colour or heat transfer printed full length Personalized tail to your rosette. Adding of Personalized tails will be charged extra as per price list. 

Flash Tails:
We can print your show date and/or sponsor name on a short Flash tail. Adding of Flash tails will be charged extra as per price list.

Colour Chart - Printing colours
Heat transfer is the preferred type of printing for  all customized ribbons as well as tail printing for all rosettes. Heat transfer printing colours available in: Metallic(Foil) Colours: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold. Standard Colours: Black, White, Matt Silver & Gold, Blue, Lime Green, Green, Pink, Teal, Orange, Red, Purple, Lilac etc . Rosette tails are mainly done in Metallic colours and will not be charged extra. Metallic colours used for Customized ribbons will be charged extra as per Price List.
Coloured Heat transfer prints best on white or light coloured ribbons. Metallic gold, Metallic silver, Rose gold, Matt gold, Matt silver and Black Heat transfer prints best on most ribbon colours. 

Various options offered to personalize your rosette.

Customized Ribbons and Labels:

We print customized ribbons for Corporations and Individuals in a variety of widths. These ribbons can be used to personalize gifts, for a special occasion or for corporations as a method of advertising. These ribbons can be printed in a variety of colours and methods. Printing is mainly done on Polyester Satin ribbons. Customized gifting/branded ribbons are NOT wash proof! You can add your logo and/or a special message. Heat transfer printing is done in a single colour only (See colour chart for colours). Coloured Heat transfer prints best on white or light coloured ribbons. Metallic gold, Metallic silver, Matt gold, Matt silver and Black Heat transfer prints best on most ribbon colours. Sublimation printing is done in full colour on white  high density satin ribbon only.
We also print wash proof clothing labels to suit your requirements. These are done in single colour on a white/black ribbon. Labels are to be stitched in to your garments/prtoducts, supplied uncut on a roll. All types of labels charged per meter. Minimum order of 20 meters. A once off Design/Set up fee of  R150 will be added for all quantities.

Lead time:
Please allow at least 5-10 working days for your order. Larger orders will depend on the size of the order but we normally try to get these out within 2-3 weeks. Take the time for delivery into consideration. Please use the order form to sent us your order, alternatively you can email it to us.


We can deliver with Courier to all areas in South Africa from R150 for small orders and from R250 and up for larger orders. Delivery to the east of Pretoria can also be arranged free of charge.


Full Price List available on request.

These are certainly for those working on a budget!

Button rosettes made with a center disc and 2 tails 15cm long. Full colour logo or your foil stamped logo can be used in the center.
Button rosette
Budget beater Ribbons, printed with class and club logo. In widths of 30mm and 50mm, 15 - 20cm long!
Flat Ribbon

Budget Option —NOTE: some extra options not available for Standard rosettes. Plain satin ribbons used.

Still for people working on budget but a bit more Fancy than the Standard with extra options to personalize your rosettes. Fancy and novelty ribbons used.

These are a bit more expensive than the Standard Fancy range- but just because these are much more labour intensive to manufacture. Fancy and novelty ribbons used. Over 50 designs to choose from!!

From time to time we get requests to make very large rosettes. These are normally between 40 and 50cm in diameter. 
We can do these sizes in any of our designs. Price available on request.

We manufacture these very cute animal rosettes!