We manufacture a wide variety of sashes and banners tailored to suit the clients requirements. Each sash can be complemented with a standard 2 Tier rosette, a pom pom or a ribbon rose. Larger rosettes can be added at extra cost. All sashes are finished off with a row of fringing tassles or similar decoration. 

All sashes/banners are made in the width, length and colours (single colour or variety of colours) to suit each clients requirements. 

Sashes can be made out of rows of 50mm - 100mm ribbon which are sewn together to create the desired width or a single colour of ribbon up to 100mm wide. 

Metallic Silver and Gold Heat transfer printing is recommended for Sashes/Banners which are made from ribbons. We can print up to 100mm wide. Printing in a variety of other colours also available.

We can alse make Sashes from satin fabric in any width and lenght. Vinyl printing or embroidery is recommended for wider sashes made from Satin fabric.

We are also able to offer Full Colour Sublimation printing on Double sided Satin ribbon up to 100mm wide. This is available only on white ribbons.

Sashes can have velcro or tie fastening, cross over in front, be V-shape or just a straight banner type sash without any fastening.

Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for your order.  Wider ribbons may take longer for the factory to manufacture. Use the order form to sent us your order.

Below some examples of the Sashes and Banners that we have done. Any shape and size available according to your needs!


We are able to manufacture show jackets for your SBT. Jackets is made of Satin fabric finished with velcro fastening and fringing, all done according to your specifications.

Printing on the sashes can be done with Heat transfer, Vinyl printing or your text can be embroidered.

These are not limited to Staffordshire bull terriers, we can do this for any type of animal!

Examples of jackets we have done:

***NEW*** Sashette:

Swop your Rosette for a Sashette (A rosette with a Sash tail) at no extra cost. You can swop any Rosette from 4 Tier and larger to a Sashette. Widths of the Sash tail can be 100mm - one colour ribbon, 150mm - 3 colours of 50mm ribbon, 200mm - 1 x 100mm and 2 x 50mm ribbons or vinyl printed Satin fabric. Printing on center ribbon included. Fringing included. Tail length between 400mm- 600mm depending on the size of the Sashette.