The Standard Fancy range is the Standard range "Fancied up" with pointed and/or folded ribbon layers and Novelty ribbon. 

For a 2 Tier the tails are put under the center board (Front). For 3, 4, 5 Tier there is 2 Options—Shorter narrow tails in Front (for equestrian events) and Longer wider tails at the back (dogs shows etc.). 6 Tier and larger will have the wider longer tails at the back. Tails are done with Satin and Novelty/Fancy/Metallic/Organza ribbons. 

Centers can be printed or a Ribbon pom pom center or Ribbon rose center can be added. 

Price includes printing on one/two tiers in a variety of colours and the disk. Metallic Silver and Gold printing on the tails will carry a surcharge.

Available in sizes: 
2 Tier (+/- 11cm) 3 Tails (25cm), 
3 Tier (+/- 13cm) 3/5 Tails (35/40cm), 
4 Tier (+/- 16cm)  5/7 Tails (40/55cm), 
5 tier (+/- 20cm)  5/7 Tails (50/65cm), 
6 Tier (+/- 23cm) 7/9 Tails (75cm), 
7 Tier (+/- 26cm) 7/9 Tails (85cm),
8 Tier (+/- 29cm) 9/11 Tails (95cm),
9 Tier (+/- 31cm) 9/11 Tails (110cm),
10 Tier (+/- 33cm) 11/13 Tails (110cm). 

Below examples of our Standard Fancy range: