The Dahlia range is made with tiers of large pointed ribbon with tiers of heavily pleated organza ribbon and lace. This range is a little bit more expensive than the Standard range.

Centers can be printed, foil stamped or foil transferred or a Ribbon pom pom center or Ribbon rose center can be added.  Price includes printing in a variety of colours on one/two tiers and the disk. Metallic Silver and Gold printing on the tails will carry a surcharge.

Available in sizes: 
2 Tier (+/- 9cm) 3 Tails (30cm), 
3 Tier (+/- 12cm) 3/5 Tails (40cm), 
4 Tier (+/- 15cm)  5/7 Tails (60cm), 
5 tier (+/- 18cm)  5/7 Tails (70cm), 
6 Tier (+/- 21cm) 7/9 Tails (80cm), 
7 Tier (+/- 24cm) 7/9 Tails (90cm),
8 Tier (+/- 27cm) 9/11 Tails (100cm),
9 Tier (+/- 29cm) 9/11 Tails (110cm),
10 Tier (+/- 32cm) 11/13 Tails (120cm).    

Below examples of the Dahlia range: